Brain on Fire

Extinguishing the Flames of Societal Trends Damaging Our Children’s Brains

An M3 Advanced Conference on Complex Trauma, Trafficking, Running, Pornography, and More


Sessions focused on highly traumatized children and youth, including minors at risk of or who have already been trafficked.

Register for our three-day conference, or email us at to inquire about scheduling a conference in your area.

CEUs Available:

  • This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886765357-2193) for 18 continuing education contact hours.
  • 18 hours of CEUs for mental health professionals based in California.
  • 21 hours of POST credit for California law enforcement. Course # 28000. (This course is not refundable by POST.)
  • 18 hours of STC credit for California.

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Please note that our conference lineup schedule is subject to change.


Power Surge: Taking Our Children Back From Trauma.

Uncover how to strategically disassemble the obstacles tripping up your work with highly traumatized children.

Switching the Game: Understanding Predator and Victim Mindsets.

Learn how traffickers and other predators overwhelmingly gain the trust of youth and keep them coming back.

The Perpetrator’s Playbook: The Role of Pornography in the Abuse of Our Children.

Discover the brain science and addictive properties of pornography that breed child predators and how they use porn with their victims.

I Can’t Hear You; It’s Loud In Here: Obtaining a Disclosure Without Causing Unintentional Trauma.

Live the sensory overload that paralyzes children during the interview process, and walk away with a newfound therapeutic approach that does not retraumatize the child.

The Invisible Puzzle: Putting the Unseen Pieces of Trauma Back Together.

Abandon trauma approaches that unintentionally shut down the healing of children with complex trauma as you learn to replace trauma buzzwords and trends with cutting-edge practices based on brain science and case studies.

Change Their Mind: Rewiring a Traumatized Child’s Brain.

Structure treatment to intentionally rewire a traumatized child’s brain for healing based on the results of a seven-year intensive CSEC treatment study.

iStay: Home Sweet Home.

Learn how to defuse the ticking time bomb of children whose impulse tells them to run, de-escalating them with intentional methodology.

Guerrilla Warfare: The Impact of Psychological Torture on a Victim’s Mind.

Break the emotional and bio-chemical trauma bonds perpetrators systematically chain around their victims’ brains.


The Chess Master: The Recruiter’s Trap.

Counter the different kinds of recruiters’ tricks, traps, and lures with targeted, deliberate responses.

EKG: Resuscitating the Bodies (and Hearts) of Our Children.

Take the trepidation out of a child’s comprehensive sexual assault medical exam whether you are the medical professional or the one taking the child to the visit.

Artistic License: The Power of Creativity in Healing.

Get hands-on experience with creative activities that help traumatized youth release stress and emotion.

Back to the Future: The Hope of Emerging Technology.

Learn how M3 Transformations is integrating emerging technologies with cutting-edge research to bring you solutions with hope in the near future.


Trigger Warning

M3 Transformations is committed to providing advanced training in our three-day conference. Please know the content contains graphic information necessary to understand to work with children who have lived these atrocities if we want to avoid causing unintentional additional trauma. Therefore, it has the potential to trigger survivors of sexual abuse or violence. We do our best during the sessions to give advance warning of material we feel could be a trigger; however, we may unintentionally overlook an individual's personal trigger. We recommend people take this into consideration before registering for a conference and also encourage attendees to step out during the conference, as needed.