Consulting Services


M3 Transformations is the consulting services firm for organizations that desire to shift the sheer number of victimized youth.

Would you like to shape the future of your organization and its response to the youth you work with rather than the future traumatizing children? We combine game-changing strategic foresight with cutting-edge research, the latest brain science, extensive experience with victims, and work with governments and agencies at the international, national, state, and local level to design unique solutions just for you.

Only one in 20 companies leverage the power of strategic foresight, which has yielded a 200-percent increase in results for those who have strategically integrated it.* We apply proven foresight methodologies and traditional strategic tools to give you a competitive advantage over trauma and perpetrators.

M3 offers superior value as a full-scale professional consulting organization dedicated to designing unique solutions for those who serve the at-risk and victimized.

We base our consultation on cutting-edge research, brain science, and a wealth of personal experience. We provide the advantage of integrated input from professionals with diverse backgrounds in:

  • Communication strategy.
  • Safe-house development.
  • Organizational development.
  • Consultation to governments.
  • Strategy development and innovation.
  • Effective team building and operations.
  • Direct services, including therapy, for highly traumatized children, including trafficking victims.
  • Strategic foresight planning, including horizon scanning and understanding the impact of emerging trends.

All from a single, best-in-class firm with international, national, and regional awards.

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*Source: Future Orientation. (2018). Corporate Foresight Improves Company Performance.