Consulting Services


Traffickers have recognized a deep need in abused-and-neglected children and responded to it with overwhelming “effectiveness.” How can we achieve the same level of effectiveness as traffickers and other predators?

M3 Transformations, Inc., is the consulting services firm for organizations that desire to shift the sheer number of victimized youth. We provide robust, game-changing solutions. Our services and tools are based on:

  • Cutting-edge, evidence-based research.
  • The latest brain science.
  • Horizon scanning.
  • Trend mapping.
  • Strategic foresight.
  • Systems dynamics.
  • Anticipatory management.
  • Extensive direct victim experience and consultation to governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  • Big Idea development…and children are worth our biggest ideas.

All from a single, best-in-class firm with international, national, and regional awards. M3 offers superior value as a full-scale professional consulting organization dedicated to designing unique solutions for those who serve the at-risk and victimized.

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Issue Brief: Emerging Technology, Harm Reduction, and Child Sex Trafficking.

Note: Only one in 20 organizations leverage the power of strategic foresight, which has yielded a 200-percent increase in results for those who have strategically integrated it, according to the 2018 Corporate Foresight Improves Company Performance report. We apply proven foresight methodologies and traditional strategic tools to give you a competitive advantage over trauma and predators.