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Hostile Takeover: The Epidemic of Child Sex Trafficking

Ever flip on your kitchen light at night and see the bugs you were oblivious to go scurrying into the dark? Traffickers get away with pocketing the proceeds off the commodity of our children’s bodies because we aren’t looking for it. This session examines the scope in the U.S., your state and the high-risk factors in your region. It also outlines key laws.

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Getting the Bad Guys Off the Street

The Chess Master: The Recruiter’s Trap

The way a child is recruited impacts everything from the way they are trafficked to their willingness to disclose to an effective, individualized treatment plan. Traffickers and recruiters craft specific strategies to lure or trap children from poverty, middle class or wealth. This session is based on Made in the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children and its true-life stories of the five primary ways traffickers set their traps for victims. Presented by Made in the USA author Alisa Jordheim.

The Puppet Master: The Rules of the Pimp Game

Pimps know instinctively what many go to years of school to learn. They are street psychologists who’ve developed their own form of “therapy.” They are masters of manipulation and control. Learn who the traffickers are; what motivates them; how they hold their victims captive, either physically or psychologically; and other rules to the pimp game.

On Demand: The Power (and Control) of the Buyer

“A thick soft lil’ body made for tossing about and punishing from behind her best quality I’d say were her lifeless eyes,” one buyer’s review of a child he had just bought. Do you know what buyers are saying about children in your area, how they’re obtaining their “merchandise” and typical characteristics of a buyer?

Possession with Intent to Distribute (our Children): Law Enforcement

Law enforcement tools and techniques to understand and target the modus operandi of traffickers and buyers to uncover their hidden assets – our children.


Understanding the Victims

Skin in the Game: Why Should We Care?

Our children are the ones with the skin in the game, the ones who are decimated by those who crave their little bodies for their own profit and pleasure – while having no real stake themselves in the game of torture. This session engages the heart with the truth of the depths and details of what our children are living, while also equipping the mind with the knowledge needed to understand those depths.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: The Trafficking of Our Young Boys

Chicken hawks and sugar daddies typically take the place of a pimp in the life of a trafficked boy. Learn how boys fall into the web of lonely old men; young men with girlfriends who want to live out their fantasies; buyers fixated on torture and domination; and others lurking in the shadows waiting for them.

Through the Looking Glass: Identifying a Victim of Child Sex Trafficking

Learn the signs to look for in both a victim and a trafficker. Then what? What do you do if you think you have a victim? Experience the difference between causing a victim additional trauma through routine assessments, ultimately offering little help to your agency, versus immediately empowering the child, while watching the foundation of your treatment plan form within the first conversation.



Please also note that the effects of the complex trauma suffered by child sex trafficking victims are vast, impacting brain chemistry, pathways and responses. A single modality is not sufficient for recovery. Our conference delves into the multifaceted, holistic treatment critical for healing.

EKG: Resuscitating the Bodies (and Hearts) of our Children

The hearts of our children in the grasp of traffickers and buyers often are failing by the time they see a medical professional. This advanced medical session by Dr. Sophia Grant, a pediatric sexual assault doctor who has treated multiple victims, equips medical professionals with the knowledge and bedside manner to identify and treat these victims without causing additional trauma to their flat-lined hearts.

Guerilla Warfare: The Impact of Psychological Torture on a Victim’s Mind

Both traffickers and buyers are decimating our children psychologically. How does a child who has been conditioned to be submissive learn to fight for his or her own healing when they are psychologically handcuffed to their perpetrator? This session analyzes the unique dynamics of trauma bonding, why victims “fall in love” with their abuser, and keys to effectively sever the lifeline the trafficker establishes with the child’s heart and mind.

The Eye of the Storm: The impact of psychological torture for those working with victims

A cookie-cutter approach to treatment won’t work with children who have lived the horrors of child sex trafficking. A successful treatment plan is constructed upon such key elements as that child’s specific trauma, including the details of his or her recruitment and trafficking, as well as their history before being trafficked.

Psychological Triage: Laying the Foundation for the Child’s Long-term Triumph

Learn how to establish calm in the midst of the chaos during the initial recovery of a victim. The initial 72 hours are crucial to reduce running, build trust and position the child for long-term healing and success.

One Size (Does Not) Fit All: Creating a Robust Treatment Plan

Understand the imperative components of a long-term treatment plan, how to build and adjust the plan, how to give the child a voice in the plan, and how to work together to execute the plan for long-term success.

Artistic License: The Power of Creativity in Healing

Explore how the use of art and creativity can bring healing for victims of trauma. Therapeutic art provides an outlet for emotional expression; helps children regain their voice, as well as their sense of control and identity; and establishes hope where despair has been the norm. This session will explain how this therapeutic technique is not limited to a therapist, but can be implemented by anyone in the victim’s life.

Take a Deep Breath: Equipping the Caregiver to Help the Child Thrive and the Caregiver Survive

The role of a caregiver to a child who has lived the depravity of traffickers and buyers is a balancing act. This session focuses on the attributes of facilitating healing without falling into the role of rescuer. And, it teaches caregivers how to avoid burning out from compassion fatigue and secondary trauma.

Scouting Report: Best Practices in CSEC Treatment Placements

Unfortunately, those working with victims have a limited number of options for placement. What are the critical components to a successful placement whether it is in a safe house, a foster home or the child’s own home?

Just the Beginning: The Transition Plan

Many times, children “finish” a treatment plan or CSEC placement just to quickly fall right back into trafficking. The culprit often can be traced back to the lack of a transition plan. Healing from the ravages of sex trafficking doesn’t fit nicely into the boxes of a few months on the calendar. It is an ongoing process that requires essential healing and coping components to continue, otherwise the progress in that child’s life, as well as the investment of time and money, go down the drain.

The Invisible Puzzle: Putting the Unseen Pieces of Trauma Back Together

The atrocities done to trafficked children are beyond comprehension. The trauma done to their bodies is held at cellular levels. The questions in their minds are stored far beyond the accessible psyche. And, the emotions often are locked in a vault. This session delves into the depths of trauma; its effects on the brain, body and psyche; and how it fractures our children, leaving them with Dissociative Identity Disorder. We will look at therapeutic treatment approaches that work to rebuild a broken soul from the complexities of trauma, while also examining common treatment approaches that could actually be detrimental to a child with complex trauma.



iStay: Home Sweet Home

The United States of America, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, has an epidemic of children living on the streets. Often, the fear of the street is less than the fear of their homes – or perceived fear of their foster care home. This session focuses on runaway prevention and intervention.

Sexual Abuse: Collision Course

Almost without exception, children who fall into the trap of a trafficker have already experienced sexual abuse. It might have been at the hands of a family member or someone else they know, or it might have been a rape at a drug house. Healing from sexual abuse can prevent victims from the further turmoil of child sex trafficking.

You Sexy Thing: The Pornification of our Children

One pimp said, “We don’t have to groom them anymore. Our society is doing it for us.” The brain has a little feature that tells it to “Do as I do.” When our youth and children look into the mirror of our society, is it possible that what it is reflecting back at them makes us complicit in their trafficking?

The Buyer’s Playbook: The Role of Pornography in the abuse of our Children

America’s fascination and addiction to pornography is at an all-time high. Little do those who are playing with its fire realize that pornography is often the beginning of the making of a buyer. Through brain science, statistics and stories this session uncovers the truth of pornography’s highly addictive properties oftentimes entangling its users in dangerous and illegal acts they once would never have considered (namely child rape for pay).