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Advanced Child Sex Trafficking Three-Day Conference Sessions

M3 Transformations is committed to providing advanced training in our three-day child sex trafficking conference. Please know the content contains graphic information necessary to understand to work with children who have lived these atrocities without causing unintentional additional trauma. Therefore, it has the potential to trigger survivors or other victims of sexual abuse or violence.

We do our best during the sessions to give advance warning of material we feel could be a trigger; however, we may unintentionally overlook an individual's personal trigger. We recommend people take this into consideration before registering for a conference and also encourage attendees to step out during the conference, as needed.

Please note that our conference line-up schedule is subject to change.

CEUS Available:

  • 18 hours of CEUs for social workers.

  • 18 hours of CEUs for mental health professionals based in California.

  • 18 hours of STC credit.

Skin in the game: Why should we care?

Our children are the ones with the skin in the game, the ones decimated by those who crave their little bodies for their own profit and pleasure – while having no real stake themselves in the game of torture. This session engages our hearts with the truth of the depths and details of what our children live, while equipping our minds with the knowledge needed to understand those depths.

Switching the Game: Understanding the mindsets of poor, middle class and wealthy.

We might compare our “socio-economic culture” to a video game with a specific set of rules – class rules –  that help an individual “win” or sets them up to “lose.” The rules unexpectedly change with the level, catching the person unprepared. Survival dominates the rules of poverty and sex trafficking. Yet, sometimes rescue and/or restoration organizations unknowingly operate under a middleclass “management” mindset with unspoken expectations that those in poverty may not be familiar with. Recognizing the mindsets, value systems, and hidden rules of each class is vital in bridging gaps as you journey with survivors through their process of restoration.

The buyer’s playbook: The role of pornography in the abuse of our children.

America’s fascination with and addiction to pornography, along with the sexualization of children, is at an all-time high. While society pornifies our children, pornography grips our society. Little do those playing with its fire realize pornography often begins creating a buyer. Through brain science, statistics, and stories, this session uncovers the truth of pornography’s highly addictive properties oftentimes entangling its users in dangerous and illegal acts they once would never have considered (namely child rape for pay).

Out of business: Taking our children off the market.

Learn to distinguish factors and circumstances that land a youth on a trafficker’s radar, how to detect a child entangled in a trafficker’s web, and what to do if you think you have a victim. Additionally, the session’s experiential exercise will help attendees understand the art of strategic therapeutic interventions as they experience how trauma interrupts the assessment process. This learned art results in the foundation of a treatment plan within the first conversation rather than yes-or-no answers.

The invisible puzzle: Putting the unseen pieces of trauma back together.

Trafficked children often store the trauma of their abuse at a cellular level. Thus, the trauma hides in their minds far beyond the accessible psyche, much like locking their emotions in a vault. This session delves into the depths of trauma; its effects on the brain, body and psyche; and how it fractures our children, leaving them at high risk for Dissociative Identity Disorder. We will look at therapeutic treatment approaches that work to rebuild a broken soul from the complexities of trauma, as well as examining common treatment approaches that could actually be detrimental to a child with complex trauma.

iStay: Home sweet home.

An epidemic of children live on the streets of the United States of America, one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Often, compelled by their trauma, our children and youth fear the street less than they fear their own home, a resource home, or group home. This session focuses on the dynamics driving the rampant number of our children attempting to survive alone in the shadows of our society. 

Guerrilla warfare: The impact of psychological torture on a victim’s mind.

Both traffickers and buyers decimate our children psychologically. How do children conditioned to be submissive learn to fight for their healing when they are psychologically handcuffed to their perpetrator? This session analyzes the unique chains of trauma bonding, why victims “fall in love” with their abusers, and keys to effectively sever the lifeline the trafficker establishes with the child’s heart and mind. 

Psychological FIRST AID: Laying the foundation for the child’s long-term triumph.

Learn how to establish calm in the midst of the chaos during the initial recovery of a victim. Our responses and actions during the first 72 hours influence the youth’s willingness to stay or desire to flee. This session explores strategies to reduce running, build trust, and position the child for long-term healing and success.   

The chess master: The recruiter’s trap.

The way recruiters trick or lure our children impacts everything from the way they are trafficked to their willingness to disclose to critical components for a treatment plan. Traffickers and recruiters craft specific strategies to trap individual children based on the child. Our treatment plans must address the individual child, as well. This session is based on Made in the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children.

Pivotal moments: Strategizing for their healing.

Attendees participate in a multi-disciplinary group learning experience in this session. This activity provides the opportunity to activate and integrate the information and skills learned in the conference, while gaining an understanding of each other’s professional roles, successes, and challenges in the healing of traumatized children.

EKG: Resuscitating the bodies (and hearts) of our children.

The hearts of our children in the grasp of traffickers and buyers often are failing by the time they see a medical professional. This advanced medical session equips medical professionals with the knowledge and bedside manner to identify and treat these victims without causing additional trauma to their flat-lined hearts.   

Artistic license: The power of creativity in healing.

Explore how the use of art and creativity can bring healing for victims of trauma. Therapeutic art provides an outlet for emotional expression; helps children regain their voice, as well as their sense of control and identity; and establishes hope where despair dominated. This therapeutic technique is not limited to a therapist, but can be implemented by anyone in the traumatized child’s life.


Child Sex Trafficking One-day Workshops

CEUs Available:

  • 6 hours of CEUs for social workers.
  • 6 hours of CEUs for mental health professionals based in California.
  • 6 hours of STC credit.

Work in progress: Treatment activation

M3 Transformations provides this private workshop at the request of individual agencies, teams, counties, or other entities. The cost is $2,500, plus travel. Please contact for more information or to schedule the workshop.

Please note, attendance at a three-day conference is required before attending this workshop. A foundational understanding of the trauma CSEC youth have lived is critical to prevent causing additional trauma and to facilitate successful healing. 

Fighting words: De-escalating the interview process.

We often use the term “trauma-informed” loosely in CSEC discussions, assuming all professionals have the same understanding of its meaning. How do we make our conversations with CSEC youth intentionally trauma-informed, including during the initial assessment process? Our words have the power to engage the youth in the healing process or trigger the flight reflex.

One size (does not) fit all: Creating a robust treatment plan.

Understand the imperative components of a long-term treatment plan, how to build and adjust the plan, how to give the child a voice in the plan, and how to work together to execute the plan for long-term success.

Scouting report: Determining the right placement.

What are the critical components to a successful placement, whether it is a safe house, a resource home, a group home, or the child’s own home? Should the child be placed in the area where trafficked or a placement out of the area or even state? This session discusses crucial decisions for successful placement.

Just the beginning: The transition plan.

Many times, children “finish” a long-term treatment plan or CSEC placement just to quickly fall right back into trafficking. The culprit often can be traced back to the lack of a transition plan. Healing from the ravages of sex trafficking doesn’t fit nicely into the boxes of a few months on the calendar. It is an ongoing process that requires essential healing and coping components to continue. Otherwise, the progress in the child’s life, as well as the investment of time and money, go down the drain.

Shutting the gate: Neutralizing the trafficker’s trap

M3 Transformations provides this private workshop at the request of individual agencies, teams, counties, or other entities. The cost is $2,500, plus travel. Please contact for more information or to schedule the workshop.

This workshop is standalone and may be scheduled without attendance at a three-day conference.

Sexual abuse: Collision course.

Almost without exception, children who fall into the trap of a trafficker have already experienced sexual abuse. It might have been at the hands of a family member or someone else they know or it might have been a rape at a drug house. Learn the dynamics of one of the most prevalent portals into child sex trafficking.

Let the flood gates open: Drugs as a recruiter.

The power of addiction can lure individuals to do things they never thought possible. Become familiar with the latest drugs, how they are being used, and the cycle of addition that leads to significant lifestyle changes, including pimping, recruiting, and/or victimization in the “game.” Learn some practical tools that will help you identify addictive behaviors, break denial, and set boundaries to negate its destructive control.

Boiling point: Trying to “cope” on their own.

Children who have experienced trauma and fail to receive coping mechanisms invent their own ways to “cope” with or escape the traumatic memories. They often turn to self-harming behaviors, which quickly escalate out of their control. Addictive self-harming behavior is a flashing “help wanted” sign for traffickers. Learn why our children turn to self-harming behavior, how to prevent it, and how to break the addition, shutting down one common gateway for traffickers.

Right triangle: Moving the child out of the trauma triangle.

Both victims of trauma and those struggling with addiction tend to control relationships through assigning the role of victim, perpetrator, and rescuer to those in their life, termed triangulation. This simplistic compartmentalization of relationships can lead to co-dependency, frustration, and early termination of treatment. This session will help professionals identify triangulation and provide them the understanding and language to stay outside of the “triangle” and to relate in a new, empowering role.

Check back soon for new workshops, including equipping resource families to take CSEC youth, currently under development.




Train-the-trainer Programs

The Traps of a Trafficker©

The award-winning, interactive Traps of a Trafficker© presentation equips youth to avoid the tricks, traps and lures of traffickers. This prevention-and-intervention program has resulted in more than 500 viable leads to law enforcement with resulting felony arrests and convictions, including four life sentences for one pimp. Not only do youth who are hidden victims willingly disclose, but high-risk youth on the path to becoming a victim realize what's ahead.

The train-the-trainer all-day workshop prepares individuals who work with children and youth to effectively present The Traps©, to have the right conversation with a youth who ASKS to disclose, to honor the handoff of the disclosure, and to correctly report it. It also includes tools for the youth to de-escalate and cope after disclosing. This animated program is easy to use and engaging for youth of all ages.

Cost of The Traps© train-the-trainer is $7,500, plus travel costs.


Court Advocacy

This train-the-trainer program teaches participants how to establish and facilitate a government-sanctioned community court observation team to support trafficked children through testimony in court.

The training includes:

  • Partnering with the district attorney’s office to establish the court observation team.
  • Empowering and equipping community members to assist high-risk youth by providing education, emotional support, and guidance through the criminal justice system.
  • Effectively leading and facilitating volunteers to serve on the team.
  • Core components of volunteer training.
  • Understanding and developing professional court attendance policies, procedures, and reporting.
  • Learning how to create and develop a DA-approved database for the court information collections.

This court advocacy train-the-trainer workshop is based on the community-based model developed in Dallas and implemented in partnership with the DA’s office.

Cost of the court advocacy train-the-trainer is $5,000, plus travel costs.



Boot Camp: Basic Awareness Workshop

CEUs Available:

  • 8 hours of CEUs for social workers.
  • 8 hours of CEUs for mental health professionals based in California.
  • 8 hours of STC credit.

New to the crime of child sex trafficking? Schedule a M3 Transformations Awareness Training. This training is STC-certified in California. In addition, CEUs are available for social workers nationally and mental health in California.

Sessions include:

  • Skin in the game: Why Should We Care?
  • Hostile Takeover: The Epidemic of Child Sex Trafficking.
  • On Demand: The Power (and Control) of the Buyer.
  • The Puppet Master: The Rules of the Pimp Game.
  • Through the Looking Glass: Identifying a Victim of Child Sex Trafficking
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute (our Children).
  • You Sexy Thing: The Pornification of our Children.

This eight-hour CSEC 101 class is $1,200, plus travel costs.