Our Speakers

The M3 Transformations speakers are a group of starters who combine their talents to design transformation for social justice issues. The team of sought-after trainers equips federal, state and local first-responders and professionals in law enforcement, child welfare, education, juvenile justice, mental health and other fields, as well as civic, non-profit and faith-based groups, to prevent, identify and heal victims of child sex trafficking and other social justice issues.

Deena Graves, M3 Director and President

Deena is passionate about making the impossible possible, telling the untold story and her little 3.8-pound Yorkie who thinks she is a German Shepherd. Deena founded Traffick911, a Dallas-based anti-trafficking nonprofit that has received national recognition for her copyrighted Traps of a Trafficker© youth prevention-and-identification program. The Traps also has handed child sex traffickers multiple felony arrests and convictions, including an unprecedented four life sentences for one pimp. Deena is an international award-winning communicator who uses that expertise to give a voice to children whose voice and hope have been stripped away by those preying upon them for their own pleasure and profit. Deena is pursuing her PhD in Strategic Leadership.


Alisa Jordheim

Alisa is passionate about the nations, diverse cultures and crazy foods. She is the founding director of Justice Society, a non-profit that provides advocacy, awareness and consulting on legislation and programming to protect exploited and trafficked communities. She is the author of Made in the USA: The Sex Trafficking of America’s Children.  Alisa also serves on the Texas Attorney General’s task force to develop a mandatory statewide anti-trafficking training for educators and is a member of the North Texas Anti-Trafficking Task Force and the Dallas Community High Risk Victims Task Force.


Melissa Herrmann

Melissa is passionate about social justice issues and has spent the past 16 years working with orphans, child soldiers, and victims of sex trafficking across the globe. Her efforts have entailed establishing and directing numerous children’s homes both domestically and internationally, developing community based programs, training thousands of professionals and organizations around the world, and providing lay trauma counseling and psycho-education.  Her program models have been recognized by multiple governments, which led her to assist the government of Rwanda in nationalized orphan-care policy reform.  In 2010, she was the recipient of the American Red Cross Hero Award.  Melissa has a Masters Degree in Human Services and Counseling and a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology.


Dr. Sophia Grant

Dr. Sophia Grant is passionate about maintaining the innocence and wonder of childhood. To that end, she has dedicated her life to the care of children. She believes that every life is sacred and strives to restore hope, health and happiness in all her patients. Dr. Grant is Board Certified in both pediatrics and child abuse pediatrics and has worked in a wide array of settings, from indigent care, to private practice, emergency rooms, academic medicine, outpatient hospital practice and the mission fields of Belize and Kenya. Dr. Grant’s special area of interest is Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking/Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and educating medical and other professionals on the recognition of victims. She has spoken nationally on the subject of child sex trafficking and has educated thousands of professionals and lay people on the subject. Despite her professional accomplishments, she takes the most pride in her three wonderful children.